White bowl in glazed stoneware 

• Made by hand in Portugal 
• Each bowl is unique in character
• Beautiful glaze with a glossy finish

Beautiful bowl in white glazed stoneware with a glossy finish. Vince bowl medium is a versatile bowl that is perfect as a breakfast bowl, soup bowl and for serving various side dishes. The bowls are all made by hand making each bowl is unique in terms of colour, shape and feel. Colours can therefore change from bowl to bowl and your table setting will feel both inviting and vibrant. Vince is just as beautiful on its own, as mixing it up and setting the table with other stoneware series.

Diameter: Ø16 cm
Height: 6 cm
Volume: 80 cl 
Material: Stoneware clay
Care info: Dishwasher and microwave safe
Information: Handmade
Made in: Portugal

Stoneware is burned at a high temperature, which gives hard and durable products. We work with different glazes to give the different products unique looks. The tableware series Bon, Taranto, Bastia, and Vince uses a reactive glaze which, when applied to the burnt clay, reacts with the high temperature and gives each part a unique character in terms of color and texture. This means that these series contribute with a lively and welcoming feeling when you set the table with them. 3130EAN: 7340194800035
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