The essence of living

We make timeless products that are meant to follow through life. Our vision is to have a collection where the best materials from nature are combined to products that are lovely together. We want you to see beauty in every day. 


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Tell Me More Interiors

The Tell Me More concept is to create functional products made of high-quality materials, in pleasant colors and shapes. The products are made to be used with love and for a long time. We really appreciate good craftsmanship and work locally with craftspeople around the world. The base of the Tell Me More collection is a mix of earthy colors and patterns combined with a simple and light Scandinavian style. The first product category that we developed was our hemp rugs that still are an important part of our collection. We have textiles made of French stonewashed linen, bedding in organic cotton, handmade candleholders with unique structures, baskets of jute and crockery in stoneware and feldspar porcelain. The material and history behind each product are an important part of the product's character. Each product has its own history.

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